New gluten free products also good for Passover


Posted on : 24-02-2012 | By : Elizabeth | In : Reviews

Manischewitz sent me some awesome samples to try out and review for them.

10421_MA_Gluten Free SHELLSI have to admit, when I first saw the pasta shells that they sent me, I was a little scared.  They are really yellow, and in the past yellow pasta has never tasted good.  It’s really hard to find good gluten free pasta.  I tend to stay with the Tinkyada pasta, as they have been the best that I found so far.  BUT…I have to say…Manischewitz is up there.  I really liked the shells, they cook faster than the Tinkyada and they look different than normal pasta.  When I first tasted them I thought they were kind of rubbery…but after I added the spaghetti sauce and added them to my meal…they were actually really good.  Not a whole bunch of taste, but most pastas don’t have any taste.  Everyone enjoyed the pasta and I have to say…I didn’t have that “full” feeling like I usually do after I eat pasta.  Most of the time when I eat pasta I have a very full feeling, like I ate too much.  I didn’t have that with these shells.

00200_GG_Crunches_AlmondManischewitz also sent me Guiltless Gourmet Crunchies.  These were awesome!  VERY addictive!  I almost ate the whole bag in one night.  They are all-natural bite sized snacks, full of nuts and good stuff!  I usually have to watch the nuts, as they can upset my stomach…but these were great! I didn’t have any problems. Most of the time companies put a lot of sweeteners, whether it’s honey or sugar in their nut snacks so that it sweetens them up and sometimes make them too sweet…these were not too sweet.  I thought they were great.

The last thing that they sent me were Coating Crumbs.  These were very good.  You can coat your chicken, pork chops or fish and fry them up in a little olive oil or bake them.  The coating has some seasoning in it already, so you don’t have to worry about adding seasoning to the crumbs.03000_MS_Flavored_Crumbs_6oz_P copy

All-in-all…I have to say the products that I have

tested from Manischewitz so far have been very good.  It’s great to see that gluten free foods are starting to get some taste and it’s not all tasting like cardboard!!  So make sure you give them a try…everyone’s taste buds are different and I know mine have changed, the longer that I’m gluten free.  But living gluten free…you have to keep your mind open and try all kinds of stuff and one thing I’ve noticed is that if you tried something before and didn’t like it…try it again a few months later…you’ll be surprised how your tastes change!

Manischewitz will be offering gluten free products that are also good for Passover.  Some of their products include cake mixes, macaroons, confections, matzo, pastas, gefilte fish and more.  Their products are all-natural with high fiber, low sodium, no MSG, sulfite-free, no artificial preservatives or ingredients.  You can check out their products at

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