Atrial fibrillation and celiac disease


Posted on : 22-02-2012 | By : Elizabeth | In : Health

heartSo how many of you have problems with palpatations, heart flutters or irregular heartbeats? Well this may be why…researchers conducted a study that showed people with celiac disease have a higher percentage of atrial fibrillation than those without.  They are still conducting studies on why…but they do know that they are linked somehow.

Personally…I have always had problems with heart palpitations and an irregular heartbeat.  It has ended me in the hospital and at the Dr’s offices more times than I’d like to count.  Every time though, the tests come back normal.  So my heart is fine (except for the fact that I have some regurgitation, due to a leaky valve).  But they don’t seem to be worried about that.  I will tell you though…it’s very scary when your heart starts get off beat!  I always wondered why I had these issues…maybe from the celiac?

I have put a couple of things together though.  I have noticed that my heart starts acting up when my body isn’t happy.  Now your asking…happy?  I get run down very easily…do you?  If I am doing a lot of labor intensive things for days on end, I tend to get worn down and my body flips out. Sometimes it can take a week or so before I get any energy back or my stomach feels ok.  I get to the point that it will land me in the hospital…my stomach hurts so bad that I can’t eat or drink, my heartbeat goes WAY off beat and I have no energy.  So…if I have labor intensive things to do, I have to stretch it out and take my time.  Is this a celiac thing?  Is this related to the atrial fibrillation?

I am finding more and more studies on celiac disease, which I think is awesome!!  So, hopefully they will find answers to some of these questions soon!!