Review: Rudi’s Gluten Free breads


Posted on : 29-09-2011 | By : Elizabeth | In : Reviews’s was nice enough to send me some of their breads to try out and review for them.  I have to say…I was impressed.  The breads all had a really nice taste.  They all had a decent shelf life too.

The only thing that I had a small problem with was the texture.  It was a little harder than I like my breads.  I like really soft bread…which is very hard to find in gluten free breads.  I toasted the breads and it softened them up, so it wasn’t s huge deal.

I made french toast, as you can see in the pictures.  The french toast came out very well, if you like a “multi grain” taste.  I say that…because I like my french toast on white bread…so it had a different taste for me.  I liked it though. I also made grilled cheese sandwiches…which were very good.

They sent me hamburger buns and hot dog buns and I thought those were great!  Not sure if it was because I had missed hot dog and hamburgers buns or because they were really good.  Most gluten free hamburger buns are very “doughy”, like there is too much bread or something….these weren’t like that.  I toasted the bread and they were great.  I did the same thing with hot dog buns.  They made the hot dog buns long, so you can use the longer hot dogs with them, which I thought was awesome.

Overall…I would have to give them 4 out 5 on their bread.  Definitely worth you trying them out.

So…now…leave a comment and sign up for the newsletter and you will be entered to win!  Rudi’s is giving away free bread and sandwich box!  So don’t miss out!!!

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  • sickerthnothers

    I'm in the market for GF breads for my kids lunches. I'm making Pamela's bread as I write this, hoping we do ok with it.

  • Jen

    So nice to have a hot dog in a bun again – very good!

  • Audrey J

    I learned about your website from Gluten Free Faces, 30 Best Gluten Free Blogs for 2012

  • Managece

    Thank you!! I truly appreciate that!!! :)

  • Lisa

    Day 5 of being gluten free…i have so much to learn and appreciate the ideas shared on your website.

  • Ladydeb2

    I found your website through the website CeliAct. I am cautious but, very hopeful:::)))